LOCATION       Nigata, Japan
YEAR       2013
STATUS       Competition
PROGRAM       Scenography
COOPERATION       Ohta City Cultural Properties Division
Nigata has been blessed with its prolific landscape and known as a major rice-country in Japan. However today, burdened with its severe depopulation and aging community as is common to other rural instances, the chance of re-organization and new resource for it are seeked.  Whereas within its art of traditional farming life cycles, they treasure its own splendid landscape recollections, idyllic daily trifles, wicked ancient tradition, some are sweet, some may be bitter, which has no chance to be uncovered, being kept to be myth to us today.

A district in Nigata addresses its re-development through inviting artists and art works all across the world to accomodate within the community or install in the landscape. As a state-of-the-art archaeology of the obscure tales, the work resutures the contextual dichotomy of urban and rural, developping unknown scenery on-site.

One day in the district, the villagers are visited and asked ”What is the most memorable object you have lost so far?”. Through editorial iteration of the 3D scaned digital data of the object resembling the lost property, it is recreated as 3D hologram, the sculpture of loss. The hologram sails above the projector at the exact place where the object and its story are pertinent, accompanied with the memory recollection recited by its ex-owner.

The process of the senography excavates fragments of obscure genius loci, superimposing it onto veritable landscape scenery, originally unfamiliar to visitors. The inserted interstitial anecdotes re-orchestrate intricately demarcated yet unchangeble contexts between city and countryside.