LOCATION       Tokyo, Japan
YEAR       2013
STATUS       Schematic Design
PROGRAM       Exhibition
GROSS FLOOR AREA       74 m2
In the midst of the seething bubble economy, PARCO established in Shibuya often symbolized the advancement of 80’s Tokyo mass/consumer life culture. PARCO was not merely a epicentre of fashion and youth culture, but the urban catalyst of re-developped Shibuya without acts of development, but with its strategic and curatorial manipulation of shopping.

Following the espri still actual today, this one-off pop-up exhibition at PARCO is conceived as the discordant landscape of interaction constantly reshaped by unforeseeable composition of fashion, communication and consumption avoiding common fashion exhibition format in which the clothings on mannequins are statically arranged and only drapes of them are emphasized.

The event venue, a typical evenly spaned department corner, had the glossy epoxy resin floor reflecting blury colours dotted in the room, therefore naturally attract the focus. The kaleidoscopic floor was defined as the architectural keynote with which other dominants are carefully disposed for a creative dissonance, in crescendo.

Being lay upon the surface, the definition of the clothings on mannequins is further accentuated by the shin height spot lights projecting parallely along the  floor with the ceiling kept dark in contrast. There the visitors with their feet bare are free to sit cross-legged or even lie down.  Between the coexistence of tension and intimacy, the visitors and exhibits are aimed to be equally jaxtaposed on the floor surface eliciting the chant of interaction.  Whilst the spot lights and cord wreels for construction site honestly articulate the fleeting fate of the event.