LOCATION       Phang Rang, Vietnam
YEAR       2018
STATUS       Schematic Design
PROGRAM       Residential
GROSS FLOOR AREA       186 m2
Located at southeast Vietnam, Phang Rang is a small town facing its seaside resort towards South China Sea. The frizzling solar altitude of Savannah climate, semidesert wildness contrasting shimmering paddy elds, the snow white Ivory beach with saltpans, and the grace of Po Klaung Garai heritage on the hill. Designed in a seashore verdant resort lot, The work is conceived as a concept villa focusing its theme on application of digital fabrication and role of ornament.

The initial research uncovered that a new nuclear power plant project is under way to be constructed at the seashore, 15km away of the site.  Resonating with Po Klaung Garai heritage where the construction process per se was the subject to be monumentalized to protect the locals from natural hazards, the villa traces the concept in the context of contemporary fabrication and possible hazards.

The welding torch and machines are mounted on all-purpose robot arm to weld out the monument called Figure. The performative fabrication process is opened to the public on-site as Open Construction to share the concept of the monument and nurture the discussion among the public. Opening up its semiology into the construction process,   Figure is a speculative monument for the banal life as it is there.

The lifted main floor is convertable and highly flexible. Keeping some affnity with the lush whelterbelt trees around, the 3D printed Figure subtly drapes the space underneath and elicits surrounding natural parameter to be penetrated. As opposed to conventional studies secluded for inward concentration, this short-stay study for a sociologist interiorizes the stimulating tropical environment as confortable interference. The ETFE hemisphere room is made foldable/inflatable for spatial flexibility and maintenance reason. Lasor sintered silica sand gathered from the neighboring beach constitutes the ground floor plinth as the quasi-heterogeneous continuum of the beach.